certain number of FRIENDS


You don’t need a certain number of friends just a number of friends you can be certain of..

And be happy with..

And be weird..

And be cranky..

And be definitely yourself.. – with Pungky, Bukan Olus, Yuliana , Clara, Olus, Eva Mariana, Yudi, Sugeng Widodo, and Wendy Oey at Wlingi Blitar


The story starts when our dear friend insist of having his matrimony in Blitar, his hometown..

which is quite far from Jakarta or Cimahi.. of course laaa..

which is not accessible by plane, so you have to travel by train. In my case, I was taking a flight from Jakarta to Surabaya, then continued with car from Surabaya until Blitar. And it’s quite exhausting, really really a long and tough journey by the way..

which seem to not have any place of interest, or theater, or mall, or whatever it is.. ahh I forgot to mention that his hometown is in one of a village in Blitar. The name of the village is Wlingi.

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