Mengdupan lagiiii.. Hahahahhahahha.. Dan bonus anual pass kali ini mah.. Yess.. 😂😁😂

Taniaaa, abiill sayang banget kalian ga ikut.. 😝😝 – with Tania, Maya, Ruthecer , Fanny, Wenny, and RubenAbilino at Dunia Fantasi (DUFAN)


The second time in Dufan this month (and this is only the second week of June). This time around, we are going together with my pretty little niece. My niece is the one sitting on the bench, not the one with orange t-shirt by the way, just as you know..

My little niece was celebrating her 13th birthday last week. Just assume this is my little gift for her.

She is now quite sick.. but maybe you can’t see it in the picture as she seems quite cheerful with her bright smile. But yes, she is sick. She got a rare disease which need a really expensive treatment in which we could not find it in Indonesia nor we could afford it. Sometimes it makes me wonder, if I had the money, a looooooott of it, maybe I could change her world.. the same when as my dad got sick. I could afford the treatment no matter how expensive it is. Maybe.. just maybe, she could get better.

But then,  money can’t buy happiness, right? Money can’t buy healthiness. Sure, it could buy you a lot of things. It could bring you wherever you want to travel. It could pay the best doctor or hospital you could name. But it could not grant those thing could make you happy nor healthy.

I have a friend whose dad is sick with cancer just as my dad did.. The difference between us is only money.. She got the money which could afford her dad to get the treatment while my dad.. well.. I just bring him to the doctor once and he was staying at home afterward. Never that I wanted money so bad in my life bef²²ore, so that at least I could bring my dad to the hospital, get him a doctor, get him any injection that he need, get him anything rather than just treat him at home like we did.. But you know, in the end, both of them passed away.

It just strike my head that time. Money is not the one that could cure my dad.. or my niece right now.. You just have to surrender and believe in God. He is the only one who could give you the miracle that you need. Sure, you still need to work it out, do your best, and God will do the rest.

So, that’s it. I just do what I can do. Give what I can give. Make her smile. Make her happy. Maybe just a small little thing but then as long as she is happy with that, then it is okay, right..?

If Dufan could make her happy, then Dufan it is.. 😀






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