A silly birthday card from a silly friend


Happy birthday neng Filiiii.. Panjang umur sehat selalu.. Banyak rejeki.. Diberikan jodoh yang terbaik secepatnya.. God bless Filll.. 😘😘😘 – with Dewi, Dhina, norma, ayu, Dian, Citra RA, Siti, Dewi, Linda, Saraswati, Ester, and Norma ‘vLee’ at Kostan Djatmiko

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Just got bored at the office and then remembered that it is Fili birthday today. FIli is one of the Djatmikosters (this is actually a random name which randomly striking my random head for the one who randomly lived at the Djatmiko’s boarding house).

Okay.. back to the topic.. Today is just one lazy day at the office (actually everyΒ most of the day seem to be my lazy day). I just feel so bored and sleep but could not do anything about it because the boss is sitting right next to me, until this thing came in mind.

Just thought that the birthday girl should shine among the other and then tadaaaa… using the magic of FotoRuz and here it is the simple birthday card for the birthday girl.

I just make it out of boredom, but when I send it to her, she is completely happy. She said that she was giggling when looking at the picture. She even posting it on her path and instagram to show how much she likes it.

It’s kind of amaze me to see how this little stupid thing could make another person happy.. and it makes me happy too..

So, anytime, anywhere, you thought of doing something good for other, just do it. You’ll never know how much it means for them. It might be small but it could change their feeling maybe.. It could make them happy.

Do goods to other and it will come back to you..



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