Happy Birthday our dearest Lala..


Happy birthday our beloved Lalaaaa.. Diberkati Tuhan dengan kekuatan, kesehatan, kesembuhan yang sempurna, umur panjang, kasih, sukacita dan damai sejahtera berlimpah dari Tuhan Yesus.. We love you full 😘😘😘 – with Ruthecer

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Today is her 13th birthday. I do really hope that there will be much more birthday to celebrate with you our dearest niece.

A lot of people said that 13 is the unlucky number. But for you, it is surely the time when you could see the hand of God help you and hold you tight. You’ll see how great and powerful our God is in your life right now.. and it surely will amaze you, that our God who is great and powerful, He loves you, more than we do.. and He will not let you going through this alone.. promise you..

Just be strong okay.. we will be there for you.. He will surely be there with you..



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