ßεƒÖΓë Fasting time


Munggahan sebelum puasa bersama para Djatmikosters.. 😍😍
Sengaja ngetag para alumni juga termasuk alumni paling terdahulu dari jaman kostan masih kosong ya ndro.. – with Sheila , Dewi, Ayu, norma, Linda, Saraswati, Dhina, Dian, Dewi, Alfita, Andini , Yuki, Siti, indri, Edward Aditya, Norma ‘vLee’ , Yayya, Sarah, ayu, Citra RA, Revita, and Ester at Ayam Tulang Lunak Hayam Wuruk

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The one thing that I like from our boarding house is the owner. Not that they are handsome (they are already quite old you see..), not that they have a handsome son (both of their son already married and having children already), not that they are rich (they are surely rich but this is not the thing that I want to focused at this chittychat), but the fact that they are so kind and care so much that makes us feel that this boarding house is our second home.

We all wishing you Bapak and Ibu a long and prosperous life, keep healthy and strong, wishing you tons of joy and happiness..

Happy fasting for you all.. Good luck and fightiiingg.. 😀


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