First time is always hurt the most


All day long trying to find the best skin doctor and the best hair removal. Well.. Find it, but not very cheap actually. But then, decided to try, let’s just say dr. Toto at Benthol. Hope for the best then.

Arrive at dr. Toto at 6 PM. Waiting for an hour, and finally they call my name, asked me to came inside. But then,i still have to waiting inside also. Huftttt…

Finally, starting facial at 7.45 PM and you know it’s damn hurt. I want to scream all loud but couldn’t… Too embarassed to do that since the other customer is soooooo quiet. But then by the time i’m finished thereis a customer who scream.. I just thought, if just she was in together with me, then we could scream together. We surely could made a great duo by the way.

I’m finished at 9PM. Got a taxi right away and went home. Soooo hungry… Starting to starve… Thank God there is no traffic on the way home.


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