Friday night.. yeah..


I never ever try to skate before.. but I want to try sooooo much.. well I think it will be embarrassing if I try it by myself, because I can predict how I’m gonna fell on the first  step on the rink.. so then I persuade my friends to join me.. hehe.. and I made it.. I got two friends to go*

*both of them are a little bit like me, they actually cannot and even never skate before.. hehehe.. #great

We’re leaving the house around half past six.. hoping that we will arrive around 8pm.. but of course not.. waited so long for the bus way to arrive..

and the city was not quite good to us last night.. can’t avoid the traffic, so then finally we arrived around half past eight.. and the rink will be closed exactly one hour after that..

Okay.. I think one hour is quite enough for our first time..

At the ticketing, they asked us about our student ID card for the discount.. well hmm.. are we not mature enough miss?? Hehehe.. unfortunately my student ID card has gone for a long time now.. 🙂 so bye bye discount..

Even for the amateur, ice skating is sooooo much fun.. there’s so much “fall and rise” while we’re going around the rink.. hehehe.. but it’s not make us wary though.. plan for do it again tomorrow..

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Never thought that ice skating would be drain so much energy.. from MTA straight back to Tebet Utara for some late night “snack”.. and our target was Mie Jogja.. we ate (for the three of us):

– 2 portion of Mie Godhog DJawa

– 1 portion of Mie Goreng Djawa

– 1 portion of Nasi goreng Djawa

and it is sooo yummy.. 😀


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