It’s Tuesday night.. time to have fun.. yeahh… (feel something is not quite right with my statement..)

Well.. by the way I successfully persuade* (read as: force) some other friend from the office to go to the movies.. have no idea which movie should we watch, but then we’re going anyway.. five of us.. J

Finally, we decided to watch “TED”.. and it was such a “good” movie.. well it’s not recommended for child though.. J

There’s some section that is quite funny:

– Ryan Reynolds as a cameo.. but for you girls who like him so much, maybe you should not see the part when he shows up in the end of this movie.. hehehhe.. 😀

– In the end, the narrator said that Robert (the freak fat kid) gets a personal trainer, loses a lot of weight, and grows up to be Taylor Lautner. #howcome??!


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